Hendre Coetzee

Founder, The Center for Advanced Coaching


”Adam, is clear articulate and a master of dealing with complex situations. He handles multiple variables and interests with finesse and powerfully brings a a context that provides a clear environment for all parties to contribute. His experience in diverse cultures and knowledge of cultural nuances set him apart in his field. Adam structures direction for those committed to a powerful vision in a way that allows to make clear decisions and follow up with the discipline to achieve their goals. He is a powerful coach, mediator and trainer. I love working with him.”

Darryl Brumfield

Senior Software Engineer/Architect/Phoenix Energy Technologies


“Adam is a very talented communicator; I feel that his verbal communication skills are his best asset. In addition to his strong leadership skills, Adam has the ability to quickly adapt his personal ledership style to his staff,without copromising his convictions. In short, Adam is a man of integrity; he is an outstanding team builder and he would be an asset to any origanization.”

Chris Munshaw

Director of CX/Avtex Solutions, LLC


”Adam doesn’t just have a gift, he has raw talent in understanding people. When working on my personal reflection exercise, Adam’s listening skills were more than just hearing words, he is somehow able to keenly pick up on traumas, significant experiences, and hidden gray areas that are not immediately visible. From the moment of meeting Adam, he not only embraces you for who you are, but also has a sincere calmness about him that allows you to open up and trust him...”

Ken Okajima

President/ Okajima Group, Inc.

Adam is an articulate communicator and consultative partner, who is a sensitive and astute observer of the intricacies of multi-cultural organizations and can provide wise counsel in the performance of teams functioning in diverse settings. Experienced in both "for profit" and "non profit" entities, he brings a vast practical and solid academic background to any table.

Dave Gibbons

Artist. Advisor. Speaker



Adam has a great ability to think through issues and articulate needs and identify possible courses of action. He loves ideas and is passionate about justice and advocacy. He also is excellent in dealing with multi-cultural, third culture issues.

Joseph Handley


Asian Access


Adam is a fantastic catalyst and mobilizer of people. His skill in cross-cultural influence is immense and I have always admired his creativity and passion. Adam blends catalytic leadership with contextual insight in a way that few are able to achieve. He gets it and I highly recommend him.

Adam Christig


 Clean Comedians


Adam Edgerly knows how to deeply encourage people. He makes you feel unstoppable. When it comes to helping you tap into your greatness, Adam truly is the man. I recommend him wholeheartedly.